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Your Future

Are you stuck, overwhelmed,  frustrated, in pain, unable to see a fulfilling and bright future?   
Let me listen to you and hear the future you create when the barriers are lifted and the magic unfolds.

Leap Of Faith

Faith -  confidence or trust in a person or thing.

Let's get started.  Your future is waiting.  

The Wisdom of Listening

Practice Listening


When we practice listening without our own monologue in the background, judging, assessing, conjuring up what we want to say next, we will hear what has never been truly heard.  Our listening can create a space for liberation and expansion for another.
It's your time to be heard.  Your messiness, your pain, your ideas, and your barriers will be gotten in the listening.
It's time.

Personal Listening & Coaching

Wisdom Shines in your Listening


A person's wisdom about who they are, what they see and know from their experiences will be accessed through listening.  The moment they no longer need to defend what they're saying they can get to what's next which is where the gold lies.

Personal Listening & Coaching

Have you been heard?


Imagine what it would be like to be listened to fully.  No filters, no devil's advocate waiting to pounce, purely being heard as only the bigness and beauty you are in the world.  Your worries, concerns, and pain will be heard so you can move through it and get to the joy and grand expression of who you really are and what you're here for - really.  
A salute to wellness and your beautiful future.


What if you fly?

Personal Listening & Coaching

About Hanna - the beginning of listening

I'm in first grade with a speech impediment, and it's hard understand me.  Sitting at my desk I feel happy and alive with excitement because I know the answer.  As I answer the teacher can't make out my words. In that moment I'm embarrassed, broken, and my verbal expression is crushed.  I begin to listen, listening becomes my world.  I've since transformed my listening from an adaptation to an ear for discovery.  I'm now articulate and clear in my speaking. And... There's magic in the listening.

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