Patricio Vegas-Mussman


In my experience, Hanna Cohan is a very open and wise person. She really listens. No matter how stressed out I feel, she always calms me down and shows me how to keep my head. One of the most obvious aspects of her personality is her generosity. Plus, she’s always available and her prices are reasonable. So if you could use someone to motivate you, then I highly recommend you call Hanna.

Patricio Vegas Mussman

Bob Sher - Murrieta CA


 Hanna Cohan is a listener extraordinaire.  She can do more to help you fully express yourself simply through the way she listens.  By working with Hanna, I’ve been able to express things and really feel like I’m being heard.  That, in turn, helped me get to the root of the issue I was trying to resolve. I’ve also been able to accomplish exciting new things.  Best of all, I’ve learned that what she does can also be learned by others, including me.  Hanna is truly unique.  By working with her, you can be too. 

Amanda StClaire - Artist


 Talking through a problem or insight with Hanna is always a delight.   The answers tend to lie within each of us, but finding the right sounding board to fully examine the choices and challenges life presents us can be critical.  Hanna has a magical gift of listening without judgment and when I'm working through an issue or even struck by the absurdity of a situation of my own making, Hanna is a trusted and friendly guide.  As a creative person life can sometimes feel like a lonely place, but I feel Hanna acts as a beautiful mirror so you can see that which lies within more clearly 

Dana Jones - Musician, Creative


Hanna is a powerful Life Coach.  She has helped me take my business to the next level.

Also, she has been listening for my passion in life and now I'm freely perusing my art and music like never before.
She's all about empowering me to reach my goals, and be accountable to myself in the process.

Hans E. Parge PhD.



In the time we have worked together Ms. Cohan has provided invaluable guidance,

insight, perspectives and practical tools/advice that have helped me build my business.

Ms. Cohan as a highly trained and professional coach has worked me through many of my limiting beliefs and mental blocks. She did this in a way that was respectful, effective and had a very positive impact on both my business and personal growth.

I can unequivocally and highly recommend her services.


Hans E. Parge PhD.

Reset Aging with Science

John Beaudry - Landscape Master


  I had known Hanna for about a year before I actually sat down and had a conversation with her at a networking event. That night, as I told her what I was creating in my life, the words she reflected back to me were the seeds of my exponential growth. The way she listened to me was so powerful that I clearly and immediately saw my future as within reach, already discovered in her listening of me. In continuing to work with her, I have seen a 40% increase in my business, won an international award, am publishing my first book, will be featured in San Diego Home and Garden Magazine, and featured on a new prime TV show. I highly recommend Hanna's coaching.